How to Find the Right Keyword using 1ClickBlog's Keyword Research Tool

January 26, 2024
4 min read
By George Djaniants
How to Find the Right Keyword using 1ClickBlog s Keyword Research Tool

Step 1: Start with a Seed Keyword

Initiating your keyword research with the right seed keyword is crucial. Think of it as setting the foundation for a building; the stronger it is, the better your results.

Choosing Your Seed Keyword:

  • Reflect on Your Niche: Start by considering the core topics of your website or blog. For example, if you specialize in 'sustainable gardening,' that's your starting point.

  • Be Broad but Relevant: The seed keyword should be broad enough to generate a wide range of suggestions but still relevant to your niche. In our example, 'sustainable gardening' is preferable to just 'gardening' to maintain focus.

Using the Seed Keyword in 1ClickBlog's Keyword Research Tool:

step 1 start with a seed keyword
  • Enter the Keyword: Input 'sustainable gardening' as your 'Topic'. This action will trigger 1ClickBlog to start generating a list of related keywords. And not just any keywords, but the ones you have a fighting chance to rank for.

  • Initial Observations: Look at the immediate suggestions. You might see terms like 'water preservation and conservation,' 'soil for organic gardening,' or 'organic gardening fertilizer.'

  • Understanding the Scope: This initial step isn't about finding the perfect keyword yet. It's about understanding the breadth of topics and terms related to your seed keyword.

step 1 start with a seed keyword

Why This Step Matters:

  • Direction for Research: Your seed keyword determines the direction of your keyword research. The right start leads to more relevant and potentially profitable keyword opportunities.

  • Foundation for Advanced Steps: A well-chosen seed keyword makes the subsequent steps more efficient. It streamlines the process of filtering and selecting the best keywords later on.

  • Repeat and Try Again: If you aren't satisfied with the results your seed keyword outputted, no worries, just think of another keyword and try again. You can also use the same seed keyword again and see if you get different results. 1ClickBlog's algorithm uses AI to find the best keywords for you, so results may vary for each generation.

Step 3: Putting it All Together

Now that's only one keyword, but I probably should evaluate more. What I like to do is find all the keywords that meet the criteria I just outlined and create a spreadsheet list. Then I go through each keyword and select the one that I think is the most relatable to what I'm trying to write about. For example, even though one keyword may have a higher search volume, I may prefer to write my blog post about the one with lower search volume because it resonates more with me. You can also write multiple blog posts targeting every keyword on your list, it's up to you. You may think that writing multiple blog posts is a lot of work, and yes it usually is. But not with 1ClickBlog, where you can literally write 10 high quality blog posts in a single day!

Published on January 26, 2024 by George Djaniants

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